Gallery Update: September 2016 Events

Sorry for the delay on getting some updates rolling. I’ve added photos from this weekends public appearances.


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Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m the new owner of Jordan Gavaris Web!  I was such a huge fan of the site prior that when I heard Alikat wasn’t going to keep it It hurt to think of it not being online anymore. So I was quick to to try to convince her to keep it the eventually she gave me the site.  I hope that I can keep the site as great as it was and that you’ll continue to visit!

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SDCC 2016: Wheel of Comic Con!


SDCC 2016: NerdHQ – A Conversation With Orphan Black


SDCC 2016: Orphan Black Cast EW Interview


SDCC 2016: Orphan Black Full Panel


Gallery Update: SDCC 2016 Events

Sorry for the delay on these. Its been a busy two days and I had dental surgery on Thursday! I’ll add the screencaps from NerdHQ, the interviews, and the OB Panel when I get the whole panel.





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